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Some Stories Just Need to be Told

This is one of them...

Drought has Impact Beyond the Obvious


The current drought is a very real issue to anyone living in Southern California. Our lawns are getting browner, our showers are getting shorter, and our water bills are getting higher. And even at the food pantries, folks are feeling the effects of the drought. With the ever-increasing price of groceries, more Southern California residents are depending on the groceries they receive at the pantry.

One such recipient is Rosemary. Throughout the years that the food pantry has been going, Rosemary has come intermittently when she has a need. Due to the recent drought, grocery prices have shot up dramatically, and Rosemary was relieved to know that a local church was willing to help her put food on the table. She recently moved, and the cost of moving meant that she had a choice; she could either pay the rent or she could buy groceries. In order to put a roof over her head, as well as provide a place for her elderly mother to stay, Rosemary chose to put all that she had into her rent. This meant that there was very little for her and her mother to eat.

As a diabetic, it’s essential that Rosemary’s diet consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. When she arrived at the nearest food pantry, she was grateful for the bountiful groceries she had to take home. She knows that if it wasn’t for the generosity of the Valley Food Bank donors, she wouldn’t have fresh produce to cook the meals that she and her mother need. And although she expressed that she never wanted to take advantage of the food pantry, she’s able to feel peace knowing that help is just down the road.

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