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Some Stories Just Need to be Told

This is one of them...

Reap What You Sow


The Bible is very clear that you reap what you sow. For those sowing good seed, this is a principle that brings comfort. Such was the case for a recent new guest to the Food Pantry. Marleen is a volunteer for an outreach program that assists single parents provide essential items for their children such as basic food, clothing and shelter. As a single mother who was recently laid off from her job, Marleen was empathetic to the struggle of these parents. While volunteering her time while she patiently waited for a job opportunity to come up herself, she found out about the Food Pantry. Marleen instantly knew it was a blessing for all of the hard work she’d been doing since she lost her job.

Upon her first visit, Marleen said she cried over how beautiful the music was. Although she was raised in the church, she had left it years ago, and yet, she instantly felt God’s presence as soon as she visited the food pantry. When asked how this program changed her life, Marleen was overflowing with kind words. She was perhaps most grateful for the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle for herself and her kids while still being on a budget. Right before she lost her job, Marleen had started a regimen which enabled her to lose weight and regain her health. Because of the fresh produce and groceries at the food pantry, she was able to keep up with the important changes she’d recently made for her family. She expressed endless thanks to the Valley Food Bank for their constant efforts to keep families like hers afloat in times of need.

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